Comments On The Tinley Park Assault

Communist Antifa Attack Innocent Bystanders

I just realized that I have not written here about the leftist antifa’s attack on a restaurant in Tinley Park. Note – I said attack on a RESTAURANT. There were innocent bystanders there who had no clue what was going on. Grandparents and children were subjected to street violence because they happened to choose the same restaurant for brunch as a motley band of Stormfronters (who had lousy security). Not to mention the financial loss of the restaurant owner!

How EXACTLY does beating people up and traumatizing people help the anti-racist cause?

Why didn’t you protest outside the restaurant?

Why didn’t you tell the restaurant owner who was meeting there? Let the restaurant owner kick them out and call the police if necessary! Anti-racists should NOT be the bad guys!

Really though, as a Jew who grew up in Tinley Park, it is likely that I could have been sitting in that restaurant that day. As a Jew, who was I more threatened by – the hillbilly redneck white trash racists or a bunch of violent Marxist tweakers? Hmmm.

Did your mommies ever teach you how to behave in public? How about conflict resolution?

Really guys, grow up. And to the antifa, get out of my town. We don’t need you trashing our town.

And for the Stormfronters, you get out of my town too. Tinley Park hates you! Get a job and quit living off of my tax dollars, welfare trash!

Last, special thanks to the police of Tinley Park. You guys have always been top notch.

HaShem bless the Ashford House owners. Shabbat shalom!

  • Kyle Prince

    Im not fond of racism either but these guys went WAY overboard. There were innocent bystanders including an 80 yr old in a wheelchair that was hurt as well. IMAO During the years preceding the rise of Hitler, leftists and Marxists attacked Nazis and that encouraged sympathy for them. The same thing not surprisingly happens everytime ARA/Antifa goes ballistic on racists or anyone perceived as racist. If it weren’t for these stupid kids the conference in Tinley Park would have been a backstory. A soon forgotten story. Some people would be upset but it would have been forgotten. But thanks to ARA/Antifa it is all over the news and the Far right is gaining new sympathy from it. Its plastered everywhere on the internet and it gives the far right far reaching influence. These 5 kids deserve to spend their sentences in jail. Not only did they harm innocent bystanders who were not in the conference or who held any racist viewpoints they gave the far right comfort and aid than 100 conferences in 100 different locations.

    • Admin

      Agree 100%! I’m a Jew and my family lives on the south side. I have been to several restaurants with my family in Tinley Park. If I were sitting in that restaurant having brunch with my grandma, who would have caused me more trauma that day – nazis or anti-fa? Who could have hurt my grandma or me? WNs and left wing anti-fa are basically two sides of the same coin. I hope the 5 rot in jail.