What Is Conservative Anti-Fascism/Anti-Marxism?

I would like to thank all of my Conservative/Libertarian friends for their help and support with this effort!

Che is NOT cool!

Che is NOT cool!

Conservative Anti-Fascism/Anti-Marxism is basically a modern day version of the White Rose, an intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany. I became disheartened when I saw that the only people who protest neo-nazi & other White Nationalist groups are ill-mannered, violent, and Marxist in nature. (Seriously, what’s with all the violence, cursing, and crotch grabbing??) Basically, they are two sides of the same coin. We need a resistance effort of intellectual people who will bury neo-nazis in a debate, not yell and scream aimlessly, lowering ourselves to their level. Additionally, I have been troubled by what I refer to as the kookiness factor of Ron Paul supporters (not to mention the anti-semitism). We need to take a look at where the Conservative/Libertarian movement is headed and put it on the right track.

When I first created this site in 2011, the “alt-right” was in its early stages of forming. Now is the time for all freedom loving Americans to unite against oppressive big government – whether it comes from a fascist alt-right or the Marxist left. Freedom and liberty are the only acceptable ideals in America.

  • Brandon DeBella

    I agree! I think the GOP has acquired hate filled racist into its ranks, due to the Democratic Party promoting civil rights since the 50’s. Many racist left their political party because of that and the GOP has unwittingly acquired them. We as a party shouldn’t tolerate this hate amongst our peers and encourage equal rights amongst difference races. Because that’s what the party does stand for.