Someone Asked Why I Haven’t Reported On the NSM 40th Anniversary So OK Fine Here It Is…

Nazis & Crap

So, I got an email from a friend asking if I 1) knew about the NSM 40th anniversary and 2) if I was going to report on it. Originally, I said “yes, I knew” and “no, I wasn’t going to write about it because I don’t want to give them free press.”

Seriously, there’s really nothing to report. I don’t care about them. They are stupid and irrelevant. They aren’t a threat to anyone but themselves. I’ve already written about how stupid these events are and why they are done ($$ and to feed the ego of an sycophant). I no longer wish to waste bandwidth or beat a dead horse. (I like horses… and bandwidth.) Besides, do they even still exist and why would any of my readers care? What do I care if idiots who barely got out of high school with no authority get their jollies by running around in not so authentic NS uniforms getting drunk and sodomizing each other? Besides, the fact that they wear uniforms alerts us to who they are so we can avoid them. I am much more concerned about educated socialists and fascists wearing a suit and tie who are personable and can actually win an election.

Anyway, my friend kept bugging me so here it is… Happy now lol?

The Event

So, the NSM aka National Socialist Movement aka “Federal agents who dress as Nazis to lure out crazy people” had another stupid little rally for Hitler’s birthday and their 40th anniversary of being irrelevant back in April. They had maybe 15 people. They were outnumbered by hundreds of people who had nothing better to do.

The event went on without incident.

I don’t care. YAWN. Really, it’s better to not even go. If you want to read about it, go to this link:

NY Daily News

I could only find one mainstream news article on this… mostly because I don’t link to “movement” sites and I really didn’t care enough to look further. I’m sure you can find stupid crap on YouTube claiming this was a huge dramatic event etc etc.

My Favorite Quotes From This Event

“What we’re now going to see is the dance of a thousand steps between the NSM and various anti-racists who would like to find the NSM members and beat them up,” said the Mayor of Chattanooga.

“My gosh, I would be embarrassed to have that number at a spaghetti dinner benefit,” a Knoxville attorney hollered at the group as they emerged. “That’s so sad. … You’re looking sad, master race.”

“Is that all the people you brought? That’s sad, I was at a Comic Con last week and it had twice your numbers.”

Lesson of the Day

The NSM and several similar groups are provocateur organizations by their very nature. The members are either 1) agents of a government or counter-political group or 2) stupid enough to fall for a cult-like leader. And, the “anti-racist” groups are basically the same. Both use violence to achieve their means. The NSM likes to portray themselves as victims and lets the anti-racists act violently first so they can claim self-defense. It’s really a stupid waste of time to even give these groups a public forum to play out their totalitarian Nazi vs Communist fantasies.

Why does the ARA still give these guys the time of day? Don’t you realize that the NSM and ARA are part of a symbiotic circle where you feed off each other for narcissistic supply? You’re both idiots. Go back to your mom’s basement, smoke some pot, and do something constructive like play Dungeons & Dragons.

Folks, these people don’t exist unless they have opposition! Don’t feed their narcissistic supply. This is really dumb. The general public should just ignore the public rallies while the government and watchdog groups watch over them. the only reason I caved and actually wrote this is so that the general public would see that groups like this are not scary or important in any way, shape, or form. They are pathetic. If there is a threat from this event to American Jews today, it’s the Marxist Anti-Fascists. The only real difference between a Jew killed by a Nazi and a Jew killed by Communists the uniform of the murderer. Both sides are anti-liberty.