Tikkun Olam & Conservative Anti-Fascism

What Is Tikkun Olam or תקון עולם?

TikkunOlam_3There is a concept in Judaism called Tikkun Olam (תקון עולם). It basically means to repair/heal the world. According to Wikipedia,

The expression tikkun olam is used in the Mishnah in the phrase mip’nei tikkun ha-olam (“for the sake of tikkun of the world”) to indicate that a practice should be followed not because it is required by Biblical law, but because it helps avoid social disharmony…The phrase tikkun olam is included in the Aleinu, a Jewish prayer that is traditionally recited three times daily. The Aleinu, said to have been written by the prophet Joshua, praises God for allowing the Jewish people to serve God, and expresses hope that the whole world one day will recognize God and abandon idolatry. The phrase tikkun olam is used in the longer expression l’takken olam b’malkhut Shaddai, “to perfect the world under God’s sovereignty.” In other words, when all the people of the world abandon false gods and recognize God, the world will have been perfected. Alternatively, being that we share a partnership with God, humanity is instructed to take the steps towards improving the state of the world and helping others, which simultaneously brings more honor to God’s sovereignty.

As depressing as the topics addressed on this site can be, it is important to try to resolve these issues within our society. As a Jew, I like to bring the spiritual into the physical. This is done by actions, words, and deeds. But, the proper attitude is crucial. Unlike the Marxist Anti-Racists/Anti-Fascists, we do not believe that violence solves anything. When I look at groups like Anti-Racist Action, I see people who started off with a noble goal but eventually became the monster that they were trying to fight. We need to work to heal the world and violence does not accomplish that!