Sexual Assault Tips

Everything No One Told Me About Sexual Assault

1) Most rapes are done by someone you know.
2) If you are assaulted, get to the police immediately. DO NOT SHOWER! That is evidence that goes down the drain.
3) People who you think will help you may not. My exhusband deserves to have his man card taken forever for not defending me after my assault.
4) Your husband can rape you. Any unwanted sexual contact is rape. It does not matter who it is or how the person knows you.
5) Don’t leave your drink on the table when you go to the restroom, etc. Take it with you or abandon it.
6) Never accept a drink from an open container or from someone other than a bartender.
7) You will be treated like the criminal by the police.
8) You may develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Watch for the signs.
9) Sexual assault is not taken seriously in our society.