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NOTE: The posting of videos, articles, press releases, etc does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of an organization, political candidate, company, concept, idea, etc. Additionally, it does not mean that companies, etc that post here endorse each other. I am not a psychologist, counselor, or attorney. Most of what I write is my own opinion. All sources are linked to original poster & credit is given to such. Void were prohibited. Standard copyright implied. I reserve the right to alter this notice at any time with no notice.

I am law abiding. I do not post names, addresses, and pictures targeting racists, cult leaders, or other toxic individuals. I think that the families of such people have been hurt enough and should have the right to live peacefully. I oppose anyone who wishes to hurt the families of racial nationalists and normal, law abiding citizens.

Also, any criminal behavior, threats, etc made by individuals against me will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I oppose violence. I am an advocate of self defense.

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Translation: The internet is a wonderful thing and a great way for us to share information.

You are free to share as long as you give credit, but don’t steal. Thanks!

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