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  • Mike

    You should be aware that Dr Hofmann-Engl is a ‘music scientist’ and has no background in psychology. He is in no way qualified to give advice on NPD. His use of his title when offering such advice is highly disingenuous at best.

    Read this:

  • Admin

    Mike – I am swamped this week but will look into this over the next few days. I don’t entirely trust wikipedia but will take it into account. Meanwhile, I’m going to remove the “Dr” title. The content DOES describe the sexual relationship with a narcissist extremely well. Thank you for your feedback.

    • Beatrice

      hi, Ilived with your psychologist for 3 months this summer. You can stick the Dr title back in front of his name. He likes to play the piano and he has been composing an opera for 25 yrs. This time,you can trust Wikipedia. Dr Hofmann-Engle had a turbulent relationship with a working-class Croydon girl, aka chav, to whom her looks were utmost important and she spent a great deal of time curling her hair, etc. Hofmann-Engl married her. They had a baby. He divorced her and “diagnosed” her as a narcissist, thinking this self-centerness is a condition.

  • Rose

    Thank you so much for this I am glad to find this site. The other anti-racist sites are almost as scary as the racist ones :/ 5 yrs ago I found myself engaged to a boyfriend who wanted to do the Christian domestic discipline thing. I am so glad he brought it up BEFORE we got married. OMG. He also talked about things like blacks being “beasts of the field.” He had a tattoo of a cross with a blood drop on it. Do you have idea what that means?

  • gregg maltese


    • Admin

      LOL! First we’re the ones who own all the banks and now we rely on “the whiteman” (sp) for money. I think not. Besides, what does that have to do with the WN claim that we hide our Talmud and holy works?

      Thanks for playing. Now, don’t you have a welfare check to pick up?

  • Em

    Thank you so much for this website-I really appreciate the information-I never embraced antisemitism entirely, and in doing extensive genealogical research, I believe I may be partially Jewish. I foolishly had an interest in White Nationalism-due to believing that European culture was being destroyed, and seeing anti-white criminality in my childhood community. I am the type of person to research things heavily, though, and continued with my interest in these things-until I had some violent and nasty online encounters when attempting to debate politics with these absolute morons. I have never seen a hatred of women so vile in my life-(well, I’m from the south, so perhaps I have..) The very thing that prompted me to take an interest in that stuff-vulgar and violent misogynist rap, for instance-was the very kind of behavior and belief system of the typical White Nationalist. Your website solidified my decision that there were simply no decent people in this “movement,” and involvement would be a great way to be badly hurt or killed-not to mention that what you are revealing backs up what I have been noticing myself-they are rife with mental illness. They exhibit all the qualities they say they hate in others.
    A big thank you!!

    • Admin

      Thanks for writing, Em. I hope that I have been able to spare you & those close to you a lot of heartache 🙂 Yes, there is a lot of mental illness within these groups and it is actually quite sad. People tend to think that WN is all about hating people with a different skin color or other traits when it is really about hating oneself. Some great books to read about sociopaths are The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout and Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited by Sam Vaknin. Sam also has a ton of free content on his website and YouTube channel. G-d bless you!

      Also, if you feel that you may be Jewish, you should seek out a rabbi and discuss with him. Also, you can check out sites like concerning tracing ancestry. Sometimes though, our relatives changed names and religions to escape persecution so keep that in mind. There are many good sources online nowadays like,,, and Also, has great information as well. The rabbi who runs Outreach Judaism has a show on Wednesday nights 11pm CST and he has worked with many people.

  • Kyle Prince

    Im not fond of racism either but these guys went WAY overboard. There were innocent bystanders including an 80 yr old in a wheelchair that was hurt as well. IMAO During the years preceding the rise of Hitler, leftists and Marxists attacked Nazis and that encouraged sympathy for them. The same thing not surprisingly happens everytime ARA/Antifa goes ballistic on racists or anyone perceived as racist. If it weren’t for these stupid kids the conference in Tinley Park would have been a backstory. A soon forgotten story. Some people would be upset but it would have been forgotten. But thanks to ARA/Antifa it is all over the news and the Far right is gaining new sympathy from it. Its plastered everywhere on the internet and it gives the far right far reaching influence. These 5 kids deserve to spend their sentences in jail. Not only did they harm innocent bystanders who were not in the conference or who held any racist viewpoints they gave the far right comfort and aid than 100 conferences in 100 different locations.

    • Admin

      Agree 100%! I’m a Jew and my family lives on the south side. I have been to several restaurants with my family in Tinley Park. If I were sitting in that restaurant having brunch with my grandma, who would have caused me more trauma that day – nazis or anti-fa? Who could have hurt my grandma or me? WNs and left wing anti-fa are basically two sides of the same coin. I hope the 5 rot in jail.

  • Brandon DeBella

    I agree! I think the GOP has acquired hate filled racist into its ranks, due to the Democratic Party promoting civil rights since the 50’s. Many racist left their political party because of that and the GOP has unwittingly acquired them. We as a party shouldn’t tolerate this hate amongst our peers and encourage equal rights amongst difference races. Because that’s what the party does stand for.

  • Eliana

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