Glenn Miller… WN Dumbass of the Month

If It Weren’t Tragic, It Would Be Laughable

Recently, there was a shooting at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas. It was done by a lifetime Klanner trailer trash scumbag WN loser named Glenn Miller, who is truly a dumbass. In fact, I think I will declare Glenn Miller WN Dumbass of the Month.

Glenn Miller went to the JCC to kill Jews. My guess is it was in honor of Adolf Hitler’s birthday on April 20. He probably thought he was going to go down in a blaze of glory for his race and nation. Instead, he murdered three WHITE CHRISTIANS in cold blood. So, essentially, this idiot killed the people who he claims to protect. Maybe he is senile. Or, maybe a bad shot.

White Nationalist Mentality & Their Spin

It appears that Mr Miller has not learned the lessons of the “14 words.” You know, all that jazz about preserving the white race to provide a future for white children? This dumbass shot a white child. So, this is the way you end you WN career, Glenn? Is this the proverbial icing on the cake – the cherry on top? Is this what you worked so hard to accomplish?

Remember now, Mr Miller thinks that he is part of a “Master Race.” But as we know, this “Master Race” that he is part of does things like shoot White children, rape and abuse White women, and can’t even put in running water in Leith, ND. I am so glad that I am not part of this “Master Race.”

I would have paid money to see the look on Miller’s face when he found out that NONE of his victims were Jews. But, I know EXACTLY what he’d say. Now, to a normal person, this will make no sense. However, it is perfectly fine in the White Nationalist world.

Let me explain…

The mentality of the WN male, as predictable as it is, will probably spin this to Miller’s advantage. In the WN world, they are always good and the rest of the world is always evil and out to get them. They will say that those three WHITE CHRISTIANS were “race traitors” who deserved to die because they were at a JCC. The penalty for race treason is death so this freak will probably be a martyr for WN freaks and dumbasses everywhere.

They WILL find a way to blame the Jews. Watch over the next few weeks.

Jews, Be Safe

So, where do we go from here? This week, we celebrate Passover. We remember our freedom and come together as a people. In a few weeks, it will be Yom HaShoah. Fellow American Jews, I love you dearly and want you to be safe. You need to wake up. America is not as safe as you think it is. Lesson learned is that Jews need to get conceal carry permits or at least have the ability to defend themselves.

Never again.


Leith Update: Could It Get Any More Hysterical?

I have been closely watching the Leith, ND case since a little birdie told me that the NSM was given the property. I mean, really, how stupid are these white nationalists?? They get free land and screw up their silly little “White Homeland” “Pioneer Little Europe” merely by being themselves.

I admit, I laughed when Craig Cobb willingly took a DNA test on television and learned he has black heritage.

LOL, kind of like this guy:



Then, Cobb and his dumbass little buddy walk around town – WITH GUNS – harassing people.



Speaking of YouTube, you can also watch Cobb make a drunken ass out of himself at a town hall meeting.

Piece of advice: Use your brain for something other than soaking up alcohol.

This is the “master race?” You’d think the “master race” would have things like running water and indoor plumbing.

Now, an unnamed, non-white nationalist third party has purchased Cobb’s land, Cobb and pal are in jail, and the people of Leith can return to their lives without worrying about a bunch of wack jobs messing with their lives.

I’d say that’s a happy ending for our friends in Leith.

(Didn’t I give them 6 months?)

Predictions: YAWN – NSM Rally Celebrates Murderers

Meh. I wasn’t even going to bring this up. But, I guess it’s important for my Conservative friends to know who to watch out for at our events… meh. The white trash welfare recipients (do any of them have jobs?) at the National Socialist Movement are going to have an event within the next week or so to celebrate the murderers they admire… Since I don’t advertise their events, I’m not going to give the details of the dates, places, talk about where the after party is, etc etc because they’re not worth the bandwidth. Besides, the people who need to know, already know. Also, it’s going to be the same old thing they always do. MEH, they are BORING! YAWN!

Meh. Meh. Meh.


Here are the predictions:

  • It will be the same old shtick, different city.
  • They will predict that 1000 Nazis & Klanners will participate. 30 people will show up. There will be more informants than members.
  • They’ll have a drunken party afterward where someone will have a homosexual experience in a broken down trailer. A really awful WN “band” will play “music” aka screaming while grown men slam into each other.
  • Some fool will light a cross and swastika on fire. Hopefully, they’ll start themselves on fire.
  • A former NSMer will reappear.
  • No one will be arrested.
  • No one will be able to hear any of the speeches because they have sub par equipment.
  • A lot of police will be paid overtime.
  • The NSM will get 2 new members – 1 FBI, 1 informant for a group.
  • ARA will show up in their stupid little bandanas and make illicit gestures at their groins to prove how sophisticated they are. Some will spend the hours before smoking pot and forget to show up. Others will play around and try to find out at which hotels the NSMers are staying, giving them relevance. (HINT: Try the 3 cheapest hotels.)
  • The phrase “No Nazis, No KKK, No fascist USA” will be chanted at least once.
  • The NSM promotional YouTube videos will feature some really awful WN band in the background as they walk with their idiotic signs and banners.
  • There will be a press blackout.
  • They will continue to be irrelevant.

The real money is on which one will snap next? There are so many short fuses, so many buttons to press. I can’t think of one of those fools who isn’t one of the following: a petty thief, sex offender, pedophile, been in jail at least once, welfare recipient, sociopath, or combination thereof. Hopefully, part of the after party will be that they’ll follow their SS guy’s path and slit their wrists (Just do it parallel to the arm rather than across the wrist – otherwise, you just make a huge mess. Even better, cut the artery in your neck). Besides, if you want to come back as Aryan gods, you need to die so you can shed yourself of your human body. Didn’t you KNOW that?

I do think it’s cute how they are pretending to be former Republicans nowadays. None of those fools could cut it as a Republican. Republicans do these funny things called “going to work” and “being self-sufficient.” We don’t do food stamps and section 8. Nazis aren’t welcome for tea.

QFTR: Why Can’t the “Average White Man” Read the Talmud?

NOTE: QFTR means “Questions From the Reader.” They are usually questions that I get from White Nationalists. I edit the question by taking out all of the cursing and negligent grammar/spelling before posting it. Have a question? Ask it below in the Comments section.

First of all, the “average White man” is not a White Nationalist. Don’t drag them down to your level. I’m sure the “average White man” knows how to use Google (or Bing if so inclined). This blog is not directed toward them.

How To Find Books

Did you know that there is a mystical, magical thing nowadays called the internet? And, did you know that you can use something called “GOOGLE” to find stuff? WOW!


Here Are Links To the Jewish Texts

Are White Nationalists REALLY that stupid? It took me 20 seconds of Googling (you know, to find these sources:

For the Torah, Prophets, and Writings aka TANACH aka Old Testament as well as a copy of the Mishnah (aka Oral Law), go here:

For a copy of the Talmud, go here:

There! Now you have the exact same source of “secret Jew knowledge” that I have. Congratulations! Mazel tov!

Jennifer Brower Naperville

The REAL Reason Behind This Question

LOL I always laugh at these sorts of questions! Are you asking why you can’t read? (If you are a grown man and cannot read, how did you get out of high school?) What I think you are asking is why Jews hide our sacred texts from you. The answer is, we don’t. (We are protective of them though since you really haven’t been respectful of them in the past.)
I hear this a lot: “You Jews hate us and you don’t want us to know what you do!” For my normal readers, the reason WNs think we are hiding the Talmud in particular from them is because their fragile little minds believe goofy conspiracy theories about us from the Middle Ages, like that we use the blood of gentile children in our Passover matzah. (My recipe doesn’t call for blood, especially since it isn’t kosher to consume blood.) They believe that “discovering” our Talmud will prove that there is a reason to hate us.

BTW, The Torah prohibits consumption of blood in Lev. 7:26-27 & Lev. 17:10-14. It also prohibits getting tattoos in Lev. 19:28. Also, Proverbs 23:20-21 tells us “Be not among drunkards or among gluttonous eaters of meat, for the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty, and slumber will clothe them with rags.” (Maybe that’s why WNs are poor trailer trash?!)

My Commentary

You know what I think though… I think that you will refuse to take the time to READ and UNDERSTAND these sources. Reading is not your forte. I get that.


One thing that makes Jews more awesome than you is that we are dedicated to learning and self-improvement (See Mishnah quote above). We are not content. It is a requirement that when you study the Jewish texts that you ask questions. Jews are not known for doing what we are told without questioning it… especially from a “Commander” or someone claiming to be a “Pastor.” Opinion… you can have one of your own. Really, you don’t have to walk in lock step with a Pastor, Commander, or Grand Wizard. Yep, that’s how things are done in the world of normal people. The reason why Jews have survived for centuries is that we are focused. Our intelligence and intuition are what keep us going. You want to be as good as we are?? Pick up a book. Study. Work hard AND smart. Get your priorities in order.

But you say, “I am poor white trash and don’t have a computer because the Jews brought the Mexicans here to take my job – woe is me!!!!” Well, I have a solution for you!

You can:

A) Go to the library and use THEIR computers (to study Torah, NOT to watch porn);

B) Go to the library and read the books there, or;

C) Ask a rabbi.

Considering that you can’t spend all of 20 seconds of your miserable lives going to Google to look this up, I doubt you’re going to take years to study it in English and Hebrew. It’s a lot easier to say that those “eveel Jews” are hiding it from you.

Did I mention it’s free? Yep, you won’t have to work an extra shift at McDonalds to cover it!

NOTE: I am aware that “work” is a foreign concept to WN males. After all, it is much easier to say that the Jews are keeping Whitey down. I was being facetious. On second thought, just go get drunk and get another tattoo. Sew another patch on your stupid jacket. This is above your pay grade.

Reaction To Wade Michael Page…

First off, I was asked to wish my American conservo-libertarian friends a good afternoon from my Likud friends in Israel – we wish you a boker tov!

I’ve been busy working on a new project at the day job and haven’t had time to react to the Oak Creek shooting. I was out celebrating with my sweetheart that day and came home to learn about a shooting in Oak Creek. The first thing that came to mind when I heard Oak Creek is one of the Nazi groups has met at their library in the past. Strange coincidence. Also, has this guy ever played the one person shooter video games produced by the movement wackos? Hmm. Interesting.

It goes without saying… Wade Michael Page is a worthless piece of filth and so are the people who support him. Really, White racists… if you are going to commit suicide, go into a bathroom, lock the door, and slit your wrists. And, do it the right way or you’ll just make a mess. (Then you’ll have to wear gloves to rallies & have someone else button your shirts until you finally expire.) Even better, take a bunch of pills and mix it with some alcohol.

Seriously, what is with you White Nationalists? You kill toddlers, you beat your wives, you have children all over the country, you live in trailers that resemble an episode of Hoarders, you plot terrorist activity, make threats against the president & run off to Mexico, and countless amounts of domestic violence. You have convicted pedophiles like Steve Turpel and rapists like Jon Snyder. And then there’s the meth… sigh. The list goes on and grows. Is there ANYONE there who doesn’t have a criminal record? Nah, just a bunch of narcissist sociopaths.

I think we should let them live collectively an island. Alcatraz would work perfectly.