2 Granddaughters – Megan and Grace – Leave Westboro Baptist Church – The Kansas City Star

WBC, WN, NBPP, KKK, Scientology – all hurt the people they claim to “love!” And, I am pleased whenever the young people leave such groups!

The article below describes the girls’ mindset as they finally realize that they are free. I pray that they find peace.

What I’ve put together about WBC (no connection to the real Baptist church) is that they believe that they are G-d’s “evil angels” who spread what they interpret as G-d’s message by basically being jerks. They know they are being rude and obnoxious because they believe that G-d said it’s ok. It isn’t an I want to save you type thing. They think thet are pleasing G-d.

Well, it isn’t ok. It’s ridiculous. They aren’t angels; they are humans with a messed up family life.

Baruch HaShem, Grace & Megan! (<– means Praise the L-rd!)

Article written by Matt Campbell and Dugan Arnett on Feb 6, 2013 – Their article, I own nothing.