2 New Projects This Fall… Dispelling WN Inaccuracies

I have two new projects coming up for Fall of 2013:

New Project #1 – Countering WN Internet Radio


There are a lot of goofy White Nationalist online radio programs on Talkshoe. I am somewhat libertarian and live in America so I recognize their right to free speech – even when the speech is ridiculous. Rather than working to get these idiots removed, I think I’m going to ridicule each of them mercilessly – at least for a while. I really don’t care to debate them. Debating them would mean that they are worthy adversaries and that their beliefs are valid. It would also give them more attention than they deserve.

Anyway, I am going to listen to 3 White Nationalist radio programs fro m3 different groups. (Dear L-rd.) I will get through the improper grammar and poor production quality and attempt to find their lines of argument. Yeah, this should be fun. Not. I do it so you don’t have to.

New Project #2 Discussing Sephardic Heritage & How Genetics Work

Me at 3 yo

This cute little Ashkenazi child is me at 3 years of age

People look at me – a blonde, blue eyed person – and ask how I can be Sephardic? Well, we’re going to take a look at DNA, mtDNA, and how they make a person who they are.

We’ll also take a look at common misconceptions about ethnicity and dispel WN “sources” that spread these inaccuracies. Fun stuff.