EVERYONE Loves A Jewish Girl… Nazis LOVE My Personal Blog!

I wish my readers a Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, and… a Happy Yule?
(WARNING: This blog uses a moderate amount of Yiddish. Go here to translate the terms…)

Why Post About Nutzis In A Hanukkah Post?

LOL a while back, I learned that my old wordpress blog (it’s basically just stupid everyday stuff like posts about my favorite shoes etc) is enjoyed by some feygeles of the neo-nutzi persuasion! Apparently, several of their sites have linked to MY blog – how cute! Unfortunately, they linked to an older version, but hey, they all share 1 brain cell. I meant to retort about a month ago but, unlike nutzis, I do this thing called “going to work.” That is how I get my “Jew gold” so I can pay for my house.
Who can blame them? Everyone loves a Jewish girl — a blonde and blue Jewish girl… brains, beauty, and chutzpah who can shoot an AR-15! What more do you want? However, dear pagan Odinist* readers, I already have a wonderful man in my life. He’s a real macher.

* Note: All Pagan Odinists are not of the racist variety.

I wonder if they like my menorah? Isn’t it pretty? I think they have Jew Envy.

Who Is A Jew?? Blondes & Blues Are Jews Too

People of that persuasion believe stupid Third Reich propaganda about what a Jew looks like. They believe the Jewish stereotypes & every Jew looks like Woody Allen or Debbie Wasserman Schultz. They think that an attractive person who has naturally blonde hair and blue eyes cannot be Jewish. But I guess they schmazeled all over that in my case haha! It is kind of sad that they can’t see past the blonde and blue. I mean, really, you can’t tell by looking at me?
I have a crooked nose and eyes, curly hair, I talk with my hands, I do stand up, am good with accounting & business, and I say oy all the time! I’m a freaking walking stereotype!

How I Feel About Weirdos Reading My Blog – From A Conservo-Libertartian View

How do I feel about nutzis reading my stuff? Well, I’m not one of those politically correct American Jews who thinks that nazis should be in jail because they have messed up political beliefs, etc… I’m libertarian in such respects. It’s America – you can believe whatever you want, even if it’s evil and messed up. However, I also have the right to point, laugh, and ridicule them mercilessly on my own blogs. They are, after all, public figures. I do believe that nutzis who haven’t committed crimes and have been involved for more than a year should be in insane asylums, but not prison. Can they be reformed? I think some can, but it depends on what led them down that path. Sometimes people join those groups because they are sociopaths and other times they get snared in through lies… It’s like getting into a cult, selling Amway, or becoming a Scientologist. Nutzi organizations have very high turnover.

Blame “The Jew”

I might as well do a mitzvah (good deed) here and offer you some advice… if you’re sick of feeling disenfranchised and depressed, look within and be sure to check out the Narcissist and Sociopath posts…. If that’s too scary, you can always blame your ole friend, “the Jew.” (Insert dramatic music here) Blaming Jews because you are a failure at life is easier than looking at yourself in mirror and admitting you’re responsible for your own fate. Also, stop making bad life choices! Enjoy my blog! It was created as a way for normal, non-marxist, non-communist, non-tweakers to rid racial nationalists from conservative groups, libertarian groups, tea parties, and the conservo-libertarian world.
I hope you shlemeils enjoy the blog – Vielen danke & Shalom!