Keeping Racists Out Of Conservative Orgs

An Example of Conservative Anti-Fascism

I am happy that yesterday I was able to keep a Conservative young lady out of American Renaissance’s claws. What they do is tone down the hatred and talk about issues that Conservatives may agree with, using the same terminology as we do. You really have to dig to find out that the org is racist. White nationalist trash will not infiltrate our Conservative organizations nor will they be able to lie, manipulate, assault, injure, etc my Conservative friends again! I will see to it personally that poison is not spread here and my friends are safe.

It angers me greatly that one of the former Chicago tea party organizers is a violent racist. For all I know, he’s still involved. It’s all lies and cover ups. Stupid people doing stupid things pretending they are going to make some sort of difference wearing WWII costumes. They think that white people are going extinct because Jewish people have a huge conspiracy against them. Actually, the issue is that they can’t find jobs because they are STUPID and OFFENSIVE! Of course if you go to a job interview wearing racist symbols or with a huge confederate flag on the back of your truck, you are not going to get hired! Frankly, THOSE white people should be extinct.