Meet Nazi Freak Jeff Hall, Political Candidate Killed By 10 yo Son

Killed By His 10 Year old

Below is the 60 Minutes story about Jeff Hall. Jeff Hall was a regional leader of the National Socialist Movement from Riverside, California. He was killed – shot in the head – by his 10 year old son.

Hall also ran for a seat on a local water district last fall OPENLY as a Nazi leader and won 28 percent of the vote. There were also 3 Congressional candidates (discussed at about the 8 minute point). Watch the video and see how personable Hall was publicly. Still think these people aren’t dangerous? How about the people who oppose them – ie the antifa ARA (the people who trashed a Tinley Park restaurant earlier this year)? YES, this DOES affect you.

Here is a link to a New York Times article about Jeff Hall and his death. Note that the child had psychological problems BEFORE his father became a Nazi.

His remaining children are now being raised by their grandmother… a Conservative Republican.