Open Letter to Former NSM Illinois Leader, Chris R.

Open letter to Chris R:

I wish to complement you on your decision to leave the NSM. People in White Nationalism (and most extremist groups) are not reliable. Many have criminal backgrounds, commit acts of domestic violence, and are convicted sex offenders. These are not “proud working class” people. Sometimes, good people get tangled up in these groups and have trouble getting out. Sometimes, people who want to leave are blackmailed. I hope that you will leave White Nationalism. There is no future in it, unless you want violence, depression, and constant stress.

I remember seeing that you wrote that the best way to confuse a black person is to put his welfare check in his work boots. Well, I do have a question for you. During your time in the NSM, how often did you hear the leadership say anything about actually GOING to work? I bet they wanted you to send money and buy stuff from their websites though. Have you ever asked your “Commander” why he collects disability but is more than capable of putting himself in danger at rallies? Also, how many have children scattered throughout the country that they do not support? How many of these “proud working class” collect welfare as a career, drive beater cars, live in trailer parks, are uneducated/unskilled, etc? Ever notice just how stupid some of them are? How many of them have been to jail? Is that really the example you want to be for the child that is in your profile picture? Are you a useless dreg on society or do you take pride in your work?

I hope that one day you put aside the racist nonsense and recover from the damage that you are doing to your soul. I encourage you to do some soul searching and ask yourself why you feel the way that you do. Read the posts about how WN is like a cult. That will help you. You can look online and see the stories of many who have bounced back from this lifestyle to go on to bigger and better things in life. I hope that one day you can do the same.

I read someplace that you want to start a business. Why haven’t you done that yet? I recommend using a service like Legal Zoom and incorporating in Delaware (NOT Illinois). I know that this market is tough, especially for the skilled trades. Also, I know it is unfair to see people taking welfare and getting things for free while we work hard for less. But, why are you blaming blacks and Jews for that when left-moderate leaning WHITE Democrats (Hello, Madigan??) have totally destroyed Illinois?

Our problems are societal. The family has been denigrated, men stopped acting like men, and people want a government that provides for them. Back during WWII, the German government had a Lebensborn project where blonde, blue eyed “perfect” children from countries outside of Germany were taken from their families and taught to be German. Also, SS officers were encouraged to have children with as many women as possible. The children from these arrangements were raised by the state, and later referred to as “Nazi bastards.” After WWII, many of these children committed suicide or lived a life of depression and misery. Many of their families were sent to work camps. The people who were denigrating the family were the Nazis, not the Jews. The Kinder Transport orphans were sent by their parents to England and France. Jews fought to stay with their families, or to at least preserve them.

Also, the idea that Jews control the world economy is just goofy. Most Jews are middle class nowadays, and we worked hard to get there. No one gave us anything. I also know of many Jews who are struggling financially… like the rest of the country. The stereotypes surrounding Jews originate from the Middle Ages. Question everything and I recommend avoiding the Ron Paul crowd.

Anyway, I hope that things turn around for you and that you go on to live a happy, productive life.