Predictions: YAWN – NSM Rally Celebrates Murderers

Meh. I wasn’t even going to bring this up. But, I guess it’s important for my Conservative friends to know who to watch out for at our events… meh. The white trash welfare recipients (do any of them have jobs?) at the National Socialist Movement are going to have an event within the next week or so to celebrate the murderers they admire… Since I don’t advertise their events, I’m not going to give the details of the dates, places, talk about where the after party is, etc etc because they’re not worth the bandwidth. Besides, the people who need to know, already know. Also, it’s going to be the same old thing they always do. MEH, they are BORING! YAWN!

Meh. Meh. Meh.


Here are the predictions:

  • It will be the same old shtick, different city.
  • They will predict that 1000 Nazis & Klanners will participate. 30 people will show up. There will be more informants than members.
  • They’ll have a drunken party afterward where someone will have a homosexual experience in a broken down trailer. A really awful WN “band” will play “music” aka screaming while grown men slam into each other.
  • Some fool will light a cross and swastika on fire. Hopefully, they’ll start themselves on fire.
  • A former NSMer will reappear.
  • No one will be arrested.
  • No one will be able to hear any of the speeches because they have sub par equipment.
  • A lot of police will be paid overtime.
  • The NSM will get 2 new members – 1 FBI, 1 informant for a group.
  • ARA will show up in their stupid little bandanas and make illicit gestures at their groins to prove how sophisticated they are. Some will spend the hours before smoking pot and forget to show up. Others will play around and try to find out at which hotels the NSMers are staying, giving them relevance. (HINT: Try the 3 cheapest hotels.)
  • The phrase “No Nazis, No KKK, No fascist USA” will be chanted at least once.
  • The NSM promotional YouTube videos will feature some really awful WN band in the background as they walk with their idiotic signs and banners.
  • There will be a press blackout.
  • They will continue to be irrelevant.

The real money is on which one will snap next? There are so many short fuses, so many buttons to press. I can’t think of one of those fools who isn’t one of the following: a petty thief, sex offender, pedophile, been in jail at least once, welfare recipient, sociopath, or combination thereof. Hopefully, part of the after party will be that they’ll follow their SS guy’s path and slit their wrists (Just do it parallel to the arm rather than across the wrist – otherwise, you just make a huge mess. Even better, cut the artery in your neck). Besides, if you want to come back as Aryan gods, you need to die so you can shed yourself of your human body. Didn’t you KNOW that?

I do think it’s cute how they are pretending to be former Republicans nowadays. None of those fools could cut it as a Republican. Republicans do these funny things called “going to work” and “being self-sufficient.” We don’t do food stamps and section 8. Nazis aren’t welcome for tea.