White Nationalists: Ugly In Look and Deed

White Nationalists: Ugly In Look and Deed

Let’s face the facts… White Nationalist men and women are ugly! Not only are their beliefs & behavior ugly, but also their stupid boots, t shirts, torn jeans, shaved heads (even on the girls!!), tattoos, obesity, meth teeth, and poor overall hygiene. Of course, they could have decent lives if they’d stop “blaming the Jew” and get a job!

The way a person looks on the outside typically represents how he is on the inside. Healthy people do not paint their bodies with racist tattoos and shower. Mentally healthy people do not blame other people for their problems.

Disclaimer: White Nationalists believe that they are normal… Obviously, they are deluded. They will think that my above criticism of them applies to ALL persons of European ancestry. No, I do not hate white people (duh). I do, however, hold sociopaths with genocidal beliefs in severe disdain.

I came across some pictures of the idiot NSMers during their event in Atlanta and thought that rather than posting pictures of ugly meth addicted women, why not post a picture of a beautiful Jewish woman of the IDF? I’m glad they are on my side 🙂

She & I have the same facial features… and the same necklace 🙂 Actually, she looks like she could be a relative as I have the same eyes, nose, chin, lips, and cheekbones. Would be proud to have my daughter serve in the IDF & I’d be happy to exchange service for Israel for citizenship…